A Path


Thus Radhakrishnan:

A lightning flash, a sudden flame of incandescence, throws a momentary but eternal gleam on life in time. A strange quietness enters the soul; a great peace invades its being. The vision, the spark, the supreme moment of unification of conscious realization, sets the whole being ablaze with perfect purpose. The supreme awareness, the intimately felt presence, brings with it a rapture beyond joy, a knowledge beyond reason, a sensation more intense than life itself, infinite in peace and harmony.

...I experienced a shattering thunderbolt of ecstasy and my body dissolved into the flow of matter or energy of which the universe is made. I was swept into the core of existence from which all things arise and into which all things converge. Here there is no distinction between subject and object, space and time, or anything else. Here everything simply ***is*** and there is no beginning and no ending -- only becoming.

The aspect of this place is quite simple, although I cannot recall details too well. There is a flow into the centre and a flow out from the centre, but no form. The colour is neutral, both warm and cool, and there is a soft light emanating from underneath, giving off faint glow. I do not remember if there was any sound, but there was total integration so there would be no distinction between sound and no sound. All one is aware of is pure ecstasy and love.

There was no dominant element or directing force. Everything flowed from itself by its own energy. If there is any god or creative power, it exists only as a man-made concept.

In form, the ultimate reality seemed at times to have six corners, but this may have been a transitional stage of vision prior to reaching the centre. I recall describing the core as a Star composed of an infinite number of shiny starlets revolving in a spiral toward a centre which itself is infinite, and that each of the starlets is composed of still smaller stars also revolving toward an infinite centre and so on. It may be that at the ultimate point one is within the core and stored images acquire an independent entropy.

There is no sensation as such at the core -- only a state of utter, ineffable bliss. Here, as in my earlier phases of super-consciousness, one is aware of a tremendous surge of compassion and a powerful desire to share one's rapture with others. As the self dissolves, the other becomes one with all else and so there is no selfishness. Nor is there any element of conflict -- because all are one.

I am aware of having made a loud exclamation at the moment of revelation and having spoken at some times during my deepest experience, but I do not remember any words except that at the end I said, "tutto è veramente uno" (all is indeed one), as I discovered this truth. I have no idea whether I was seconds or hours in this state.

As I felt myself reappearing from the profound rapture of the core, I questioned, momentarily, the value of returning. For an instant I was tempted to remain in the place of infinite beauty, but I began to think of the interest that life in the world holds---music, books, art, people---a different kind of pleasure than the other, and I let myself rise to the surface of consciousness. What would have happened if my joy in the world were not quite so strong and I had yielded to that temptation?

What an effort to describe an essentially ineffable experience!

Now our turn...


1. To begin the self treatment choose a quiet, semidarkened room and close the windows partially. Let in a little air but try to keep most of the noise outside. Pick a time of the day or night when you are reasonably sure to be undisturbed by either visits or telephone. A good time to start is when one is physically tired -- at the end of the day, just before retiring, or immediately upon awakening before full consciousness has returned to the mind. But any other time is suitable as well, provided there is truly no interruption or distraction. Lie down on a couch or bed with your head slightly elevated and wear as little clothing as you can. The room should be neither too cold nor too warm, and it is always good to have a warm, relaxing bath prior to beginning the technique.

2. Speak in a slow, quiet voice the following phrase: "I, _______________ (insert your name), am myself and fully part of the godhead and part of the universe. I am with God and God is with me. Psychic force within me, arise!" Close your eyes now and visualize an energy flow within yourself originating from the solar plexus or stomach area and rising up towards the top of your head. Visualize it and feel it as a gentle stream of energy particles somewhat like a waterfall except that it goes in the opposite direction. Hold the thought of this phenomenon for a little while, increasing its strength gradually until it reaches the proportions of a powerful stream.

3. It is important to have a clean and clear mind free from all thoughts whether logical or emotional. If you have difficulties of cleansing your mind, visualize one mandala emblem again and again (pick one from somewhere: there are plenty on the 'Net). This will empty your mind of all extraneous thoughts. You cannot have any form of emotional turmoil within you if you want this experiment to succeed. It is therefore important that, prior to beginning, you have already cleansed yourself of these interfering thought patterns. If you have difficulties in arousing this "stream of psychic power" within yourself, go back to the beginning. Get up from the couch. Go through the entire ritual of preparing the room. If necessary, take a second warm bath and cleanse your mind again of all interfering thoughts. Then, start all over again. Eventually you will succeed in raising this power reservoir within you.

4. As you hold the visualization and thought of the psychic power within you as a stream, you order it to accomplish certain tasks upon which you have meditated beforehand. You then verbalize the command as follows: "Psychic energy within me, you are all-powerful. I direct you to make_____ do _____ (here the desired action is spelled out). You repeat this twice more in a slow, low, measured tone of voice.

5. After a minute or two of total rest in which you must be careful to avoid any extraneous thoughts whatsoever, you visualize the accomplished action as something that has already taken place. You see yourself with eyes closed having just done what you have already ordered your psychic force within to accomplish. You hold the idea and the picture of that accomplishment for as long as you can, then you speak again in the same tone of voice as you did before: "I _________ have done _________. My psychic power is omnipotent and omniscient. I am ecstatic. The power is mine. I am the power, so mote it be." This is followed by a few minutes of rest and some deep, measured breathing and then the exercise period is over.

So, here you should reach ecstasy.
Well, have you?

The above just to help you get "out of yourself" into the higher realms of consciousness and derive all the benefits found therein.

I am really quite interested in MIND COMMUNION, you know. The crossing of minds, and the crossing means Mind-communion, and Mind-communion...

...is an experience in which the human being (microcosm) intuits and perceives their participation in an "everything" and feels pervaded by the nature of this great organic unity (macrocosm), energized by the force of sharing with the Other. It means stimulating the mind in a tremendous yearning for the infinite, for fluidity, for joy, for peace, for play, for harmony, for the sense of beauty, of magic, of marvel, of tenderness, of transcendental warmth, of poetry, of fullness, of trust, of loyalty and of the devastating intuition of the mystery of eternal love and creative ecstasy.

Philosophy is born of wonder, which is then the motor of its proceeding.
Art produces wonder, which is then its instrumental capacity of knowledge.
Wonder is being in the face of being.
The harmony of the world is the substance of man and all the cosmos.
All things are born of harmony (which gushes from chaos), constitute harmony and continually fight to reconquer it and broaden it.
Poetry guides the course of the stars and guides thus the life of all things. Through poetry and art you discover beauty. But you need to want beauty in order to see it, to bring it into the world.

Perhaps this is the new value to be pursued.

In any case, in beauty there's a tension beyond communion: the tension to be a new man, that new man who is in us must come about in order to be our salvation.
This tension makes me see things differently, to conceive with other modality and perspectives until it leads me to certain elementary discoveries, to certain evidence that fills me with wonder.

Perhaps this is a new moral instance, also, which urges me to seek the path towards a new harmony in the world of the nature of human relationships.

I, you, the Other, everyone then... A Communion that becomes a cosmos where the created is intertwined with all its living points, a cross-roads of all that exists.

Life is a proceeding towards ever greater clarity and knowledge, something much more intense than any intellectuality, and it is a proceeding towards "individuation", because being different does not mean being individual.

Experience always brings knowledge with it, where intellectuality is only a shadow and outline, and provides contrasts, not individuations.

Individuation is a high step that has to be climbed.

The Mind sense is a sense of continuous integration with the world, it is total adherence. It implies development, capacity to pass fear and regard the different, the world, with an open mind.

The impulse to perceive and to think in "Mind Symbiosis" now appears propitious, indicating a path to follow. It is vision and starting point capable of permeating with self the sense of space, of specific creation, of individual "product". It reshuffles the cards of communication.

If life is yearning, a passionate journey which amplifies the consciousness, it is a moral commitment, without the acrid sense often attributed to the term.

It is joy of moral commitment.

It is joy because it promotes love and life, because it guards the shattering impulse of love.

All this before any possible design that becomes objectivity of vision and verification.

This gives rise to an ideal impulse, a need t project the image beyond the hedge of contingencies. And the design in itself has value.

The permeating and communicative force of the ideal image is put to the test of a real image, which becomes relation, commitment, goal. It walks in the depths: "communication occurs only from depth to depth". In all this, I proceed towards individuation, that is, towards being always more myself. But I still do not know what this is, it is a glimmer that my being pursues, the way I perceive and the light is within me. I know that I do not know, but a recondite part of me does know.

I feel with my whole being that it is so.

The very moment that you do too, that's communion! Communion via individuation:

WOW, great!

And there you have it.