7. Argumentative Links

This Matryoshka posting is becoming terribly complex: it contains all links organised by topic and includes sections on Pascal’s Wager, the ontological argument, the cosmological argument, the teleological argument, the problem of evil, Christian ethics, apologetics, atheism. I will add other sections as I expand my search on the 'Net...

In addition to the specific listings in the topical sections, the following more general links may be of interest:

  • Alvin Plantinga: The Analytic Theist - Michael Suddoth’s site dedicated to the work of Alvin Plantinga.

  • Open Theism Information Site - A site designed to disseminate information about the view that God gives us genuine freedom, and as a result does not know everything about the future.

  • Philosophers’ Magazine, The - Battleground God - Test the coherence of your religious and moral beliefs.

  • Secular Web Library, The - A substantial collection of articles critical of Christian theism.

  • Suddoth Reading Room, The - Collected essays on philosophy and theology by Michael Suddoth.

  • Theism - A look at the nature of the God, explaining the attributes that classical theism ascribes to him, and some of the problems that they present.

  • William Lane Craig Virtual Office - Articles by Craig on the kalam cosmological argument, divine eternity, the historicity of the resurrection, and a number of other topics. Also includes transcripts of several live debates in which Craig has participated.

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